Control System
Access Control
Secure the organization and critical access problems with Complete range of Access control devices like biometric, proximity and pin based for a large number of users. We are Installing Access Control products for the last five years! Experience, knowledge, best brand names combined with good pricing guarantee that you will save money and get best Access control products possible.

A system which can control your door In and out., it not only controls but also secures your building, factory or Government office this is known as Access Control. This control pack includes Readers, Controllers, and the Automatic door locks. An operation in which someone enters the door, only when the person enters the code or displays the valid card the controller will send the signal to the Automatic Door Locks to open the door and allow that person to come.
There are many types Access Controls that depends on the various types of Readers, Controllers and the Automatic doors. A card reader is the input device that reads the data from the card. Now a days ther are many types of card readers available in the market Such as punch card, plastic card, barcodes, magnetic strips and computer chips.
Multi Tenant System
A system which can control your apartment
Attendance Recorder
  • Fingerprint
  • RF Card
  • TCP/IP
  • Personal Identity Number
  • Backup Battery(Optional)
  • USB Link
Video Doorbell Project Completed
A video door bell is a security device which allows you to see who is at the front door before you open it, Also you can communicate through Video Door bell to stranger before opening the door.This is an excellent technology product which enhances home and office security. Video door bell consists of an outdoor camera unit which is installed on the front door and an inside monitor.
We offer wild range of video door bell & intercoms. We also install Intercom in your Home, Office or Shop.
Wired Video Doorbell Wireless Video Doorbell

Wired Video Doorbell
Nano-glass Shield Camera, Up to 2 Outdoor Door-Bell Units, Weather-proof and Vandal-proof , Surface Mounted, 90 x 130 x 43mm,

7.0" TFT Screen w/Smooth Al Finishing, Up to 4 Indoor Monitoring Units, Hard-free; Surface Mount, Adjustable Volume, Color and brightness, 245 x 160 x 18mm,



Wireless Video Doorbell
Optex iVision Wireless 2-Way Video Door Intercom. This system lets you know when someone is outside your door, and gives you the ability to see and talk to them while safely inside your home. Before you answer the door, use the handheld wireless receiver to see and speak to who is at your door, from anywhere in your home or business. The handheld color 2.25" LCD monitor gives you a clear picture of anyone approaching the camera and lets you converse with them safely from up to 300 feet away. 

Digital Door Lock
Adopt motor mortise with 5 latches in US standard and antistrike alert feature Unlock method: fingerprint, RF card, password or mechanical key The fingerprint storage reach to 120 pieces. The fingerprint capacity can be divided into 3 different groups: “Master”, “Member”, “Temporary”. The master fingerprint has authority to add or delete member/ temporary fingerprint Fingerprint sensor is covered. It enhances the protection of fingerprint unit. 4 Pieces of 1.5V alkaline battery, the battery life can be last for one year.
Networking Project Completed
Today’s businesses demand a more powerful, reliable, secure and scalable networks that can lead to increased profitability and accelerated business success. We do structure cabling, networking and many networking related troubleshooting. We are certified professional for networking.

We supply and install networking and computer materials for the IT industry. From RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cables, Cat5e RJ45 Patch Panels and Network Sockets to Wall Cabinets, Floor and Server Cabinets. We have expanded over the years to deliver a unique blend of leading products tailored to meet the current and future needs of our customers. We aim to provide the most cost effective all in one solution to your networking requirements.


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